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    Chinese high-end furniture future development of the industry will stage a comeback?

    2016-1-5 10:48:33 3407人閱讀

    At present, the absence of China local high-end furniture market and the new rich class "worship show off their wealth, the consumer mentality already exposed, but along with the Chinese economy high speed rise, the consumer brand awareness is awakening rapidly. The huge scale of development, market, domestic exports to the dragons and fishes jumbled together chaos, type of wealth...... Where is China's top furniture going?

    High end market "China power"

    In the face of high-end consumer the rising power of China, there are more than 340 global well-known brands to enter China, accounting for more than 85% of the total global high-end brands and involved in various industries and fields.

    High-end real is a high-end consumer behavior, but from the point of view of social significance. This is a personal taste and quality of life improvement. With transformation of China's affluent young and consumer awareness, more and more high-end customers the choice is no longer limited to jewelry, watches and other, but pay more attention to the quality of life, willing to devote more energy and money to home decoration, high-end furniture has become more and more wealth, people yearning for the pursuit of a high-end lifestyle.

    According to a well-known information consulting company in Europe in the latest survey data show, from 2009 onwards, China's high-end furniture is to increase of about 20 per cent a year of high-speed growth; in 2010, high-end furniture in China to achieve sales of more than 40 billion yuan, is expected to China's high-end furniture sales in 2015 will break through 100 billion yuan.

    In recent years, China and several companies for the introduction of classical furniture auction, turnover amounted to 100 million yuan. Hainan pear rosewood furniture heat does not change, no matter big and small, round table, a few stools are looted. Now Hainan huanghuali furniture materials has become the only auction price, you can see. Traditional furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the material, acerbity branch wood, will the should become the modern Chinese style furniture market to see the best material, a set of rosewood furniture of hundreds of thousands of dollars or even tens of millions of dollars, but buyers are still in a minority, high-end furniture in the Chinese market fiery evident.

    Although high-end furniture like luxury cars, watches and can show off everywhere, but it still get rid of not face consumption, conspicuous consumption is suspect. But past a body famous brand and outbreaks of household type "luxury" different, high-end furniture consumer after all on the cultural connotation with attention, pursuit is an upper class home life, a seemingly low-key luxury, in fact, is the inner satisfaction and hope to get others to recognize the "luxury".

    So in the eyes of the majority of Chinese consumers, high-end of the unique attributes of or relating to the matter of "face", but it is demonstrate their wealth and taste, display and improve the social status of a functional decorations, and do not care, high-end brand intrinsic culture.

    A net worth billions of dollars of the rich will have a pair of imitation Ming style chair, although not cheap but he still felt that value for money, as a symbol of the straight backed chair is the Ming Dynasty style furniture, Ming furniture represents the pinnacle of the Chinese furniture art. "To let more people know it is a high-end line, but it must be recognized in the circle of high-end", which became a representative of the high-end consumer psychology.

    Export to domestic flooding

    At present, China is the world's first major producers of furniture and consumer countries. It is understood that China's furniture production of raw materials and production technology has been leading the world. The 18th century Chippendale British furniture master in the guide of the furniture, the thought that in the world, to "type" commensurate with the type of furniture only three categories, namely, Ming style furniture, Gothic furniture and Rococo furniture. Among them, Chinese Ming furniture ranked first.

    In the global auction market, China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties Hainan huanghuali furniture widely touted and price highs. The essence of Chinese classical furniture can be summed up as "essence, clever, simple, elegant" 4 words. Chinese style furniture, the materials used in Hainan rosewood and other valuable mahogany and process the mortise and tenon structure, furniture is solid and firm and enduring. In addition, Chinese style furniture takes into account not only the space and the harmonious and complementary, and focusing on ergonomic, truly reflects the "people-oriented" design concept.

    But China furniture industry true foreign brand of chaos has a long history: false labeling, false propaganda, brand Du Jinyang, distribution chaos, authorized OEM labeling phenomenon in China's furniture market has spread into the river. A furniture dealer has revealed that the name of imports under the banner of "export turns sale in domestic market" products accounted for almost more than 95% of furniture imports. These OEM factories mostly located in the area of Guangdong and Fujian, also a combined sofa, marked the price of domestic brands such as in 8000 yuan, marking a Sino foreign joint venture production will reach 200 million yuan. If the marking was produced in the United States, prices rose to 7 million to 8 million, paste in Italy after the label price is staggering.

    In the face of the growing demand for high-end furniture China, more and more international big fashion into the beginning of China furniture market. As the fashion industry leader GUCCI, Fendi, Armani, Fan Sizhe, etc. have entered the field of high-end furniture China. High-end furniture brands Saporitiitalia, Austria high-end handmade furniture brand Wittmann, Germany Su Lafia etc. have also optimistic about the Chinese market, the use of imported into China.

    Based on the domestic market to build an international brand

    The industry believes that China is most possible areas of international high-end brand has four, in addition to the tea, wine, jade is furniture. So for Chinese consumers and furniture manufacturing enterprises, how to treat rationally high-end furniture, how to gain a foothold in the domestic market, to create high-end brand internationalization is a quite urgent, but must face the reality of the problem.

    Mahogany for representatives of the furniture raw materials scarcity, the Chinese furniture has become a high-end natural elements, but prices of raw materials soared and high-end and not draw an equal sign. A set of furniture can become a high-end, whether has the collection value, absolutely depends on more factors in design, technology and marketing, raw materials accounted for the proportion will only become increasingly low, that "heavy material, light process" traditional thinking has long lagged behind the requirements of the times.

    Advocating the high-end furniture back to nature, no doubt, only 100% solid wood is the ideal environmentally friendly products, pure solid wood furniture, natural materials and no chemical pollution, consistent with respect for and the modern nature of the psychological needs, this is a high-end furniture, most essential features. Low carbon furniture should first ensure that the material of environmental protection, such as mahogany is the most natural environmental protection material, but the human of wood cut too rampant, on the ecological environment caused damage, Hainan yellow rosewood and other traditional Chinese style furniture, the precious wood increasingly scarce, development and find mahogany and other surrogate species is related to China's high-end furniture or the long-term development of the core problem.

    Chinese style furniture materials innovation does not mean to reduce the level of material, it just in the pattern of furniture size, appearance were improvement and innovation, made out of these alternative wood furniture, the same with the rich cultural implication, but more in line with the modern aesthetic taste and lifestyle. Compared with modern manufacturing classical mahogany furniture, exquisite material, workmanship excellent innovative Chinese style furniture, the price is not at a disadvantage.

    , in addition to the superior materials, expensive price, the traditional unique technology, high-end is a kind of quality, value, culture, history, popular high-end and purchasing desire and the comprehensive embodiment of. While building high-end furniture brand in China the road is still long, even several generation of people unremitting persistence and hard work, but has a historical accumulation of traditional culture, has a much admired in the world of material basis, China's furniture industry reproduction furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties brilliant day will no longer distant.

    Source: China Investment Advisory Network

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